Change of plans

Let's start by saying, Stephanie and Joe were so easy to work with through all the twists and turn of the pandemic. These two remained so level-headed and kind. Much like my last blog, this wedding takes me back to 2020. The year of uncertainty. Steph and Joe were supposed to have their wedding at a an adorable brewery. It was never meant to be a particularity large wedding from what I can remember, but still a formal venue and what not. However... Covid. Needless to say, Stephanie's mother and father decided to host the wedding at their home. But this wasn't just any backyard wedding. It was done so elegantly with backdrops, center pieces, tea lights, and even a fire pit!

Very Emotional

There were parts of this wedding that really hit home for me. I found myself crying both during the ceremony and the reception. The amount of love shared between Steph, Joe and their families was a little overwhelming at times. The way Joe held his mother for their dance was really what had me bawling. I was trying my best to hide my tears behind the camera lens. It was uncontrollable! There are some things that just stick with you. Even when I'm doing it practically every weekend. Some couples and moments you just never forget.

House Party

Love me a house party! After dinner was served and night started to fall guest migrated towards the fire pit; Laughing, talking, relaxing. It was such a vibe and I was in love with it! It wasn't long before everyone was inside chugging beer, with a shot of something dropped into it... Jager-bombs maybe? It was neat to see a wedding reception that wasn't dictated by the songs of a DJ, or without any particular events to be had. I truly loved that. I'm using it as inspiration for my own wedding. So thank you Steph and Joe, it was truly a pleasure to be a part of your big day!