The back story

Like many 2020 weddings, Lexi and Dave were faced with the decision of either postponing their wedding or downsizing their guest list. However, they weren't so quick to throw in the towel. Dave, being a fire-fighter, had access to the township firehall. Nearby the community fire department was a beautiful beach within minutes of their home. Desperate not to postpone, Lexi and Dave decided to (within just months) whip together a beach wedding and fire-house reception. Though this route was FAR from what they originally planned, it turned out so special and unique to them! They actually did their engagement photos at the fire house and even incorporated his gear and truck! Goes to show, everything happens for a reason. Lexi and Dave's day was one for the books!

The first look

So as seen below, Dave's best man had the idea to fake the groom out with a mock first look...with him playing the role of the bride. So here Dave is, all set up: waiting to lay his eyes upon his beautiful bride for the very first time. And well....thats not exactly what happened. The entire wedding party waited in anticipation, (phones videoing) including Lexi herself, to watch dave turn around to see his friend dressed as the a bride.

It was priceless! Defiantly one of the most memorable moments of the day. Just another reason why this wedding was so unique to Lexi and David's personalities!

The Party

This is the part when this makeshift wedding really came together. Before Covid, tent weddings where popular....but NEVER this popular. I honestly can't tell you how many tent weddings I did in 2020. Lexi and Dave win the award of best decorated tent and reception space! It was made up so cute with fall decor.

This crowd really knew how to dance. The most memorable part of the night was when all the firefighters put on their gear and crowded the dance floor. They showed Lexi and Dave so much love. What a great way to end the night!