The Glam

Ok ladies, talk about glam here! From the two piece custom designed wedding dress to the diamond covered heels, Michelle spared no details when it came to her glamor! 

Honest to God, the ring, the jewelry, the hair…Michelle looked like a million bucks. From the moment she started her hair and makeup I knew this wedding would definitely be a showstopper!

The VEnue

Taking place at the Shawnee Inn, Michelle and Sean hosted an elegant extravaganza in the beautiful ballroom overlooking the Delaware River. The Shawnee Inn is a one stop shop. You can get ready there (they even have cottages off premise for bridal parties), lodge there, get married, party, and obviously have beautiful photos taken amongst their stunning scenery.

It makes for such an easy day for everyone involved, including me! With the exception of a minor wardrobe malfunction (Michelle, if you are reading this you know what I’m talking about!) The day was essentially stress free. Good vibes all around!

MEmorable Moments

The first that comes to mind is the ceremony. Sean played guitar for Michelle as she walked down the aisle. I have never seen this done before, I found it to be so sweet (and impressive, he didn't miss a note!).

Second was the dances. Michelle and Sean’s first dance was like no other. They started out sentimental but about a minute into the song, it transitioned into “The Wobble.”! They were wobbling all over the dance floor and eventually got the entire crowd involved. From there it was straight up Dance Party - and this was BEFORE dinner even started. Talk about energy!

And Last, but probably most importantly. The couple. I will always remember Michelle and Sean as some of my kindest clients. Between the engagement shoot, collaborating save the dates, and co-ordinating products post wedding, they have always been so gracious and kind toward me. Michelle still texts me from time to time when I cross her mind. I am so grateful to have met them, and even more grateful to have spent one of the best days of their lives with them.